Top 5 Client Relationship Management Software

Client Relationship Management Software

Client relationship management is a secure and productive way to interact with your current and future clients. If you are a successful business owner, you definitely know that running a successful business is not such an easy task, and you should not underestimate the importance and crucial role of managing the interaction system with your clients. Keeping your current clients updated on the important news and interested in your products and services, as well as attracting new customers with the help of various unique services, features and tools, good communication, interaction and support are all the most important factors to achieve the desired number of customers and grow your sales.

Client Relationship Management Software History

Every topic concerning client relationship management is definitely interesting, as it takes us to another world of data and management. So let’s go back in time and discover some crucial aspects of client relationship management history and development.

The notion of CRM goes back to 1970s. Client opinion and satisfaction were important at that time also, however the evaluation systems were not so developed as they are nowadays; surveys and inquiries were used for that purpose. Spreadsheets and lists were used to keep the contacts of customers, their data and important notes, as well as to categorize the information. The notion of database marketing was presented only in 1982, and analytical methods were mainly used. Customer evaluation system called ACT was introduced in 1986. But that is only the start of the long journey. 2004 becomes the year of introducing the first open-source CRM system. The client relationship management software was developed by SugarCRM, and in a short period of time it became ready to use for executives, small companies and organizations. During the next years, the system has been gradually developed and made customizable for different types of businesses to meet their needs, requirements and achieve goals.

Client relationship management software functions and features

Have you ever wondered how the client relationship management software works, what functions it implements and what stages it passes? The aim of the software is to make some improvements in business relationships with clients, and its main focus is on customer detainment and, of course, sales growth and development.

Online client management software helps you understand the needs and changing tastes of your clients better, as it is designed to improve your communication with the clients by working primarily with them and not only for them. This customer-oriented integrated solution manages all the customer relationships on a single platform giving you an exclusive opportunity to achieve your business goals by spending less time and money.

Client relationship management concerns practices, procedures, plans of action, automation, systems and technologies used by different companies and organizations to understand, examine, and manage interactions with customers.

CRM has numerous functions important for your business success. The system collects information from various communication channels whether it is your company website or just phone conversation, live chat, and email.

Using a good software for client management is crucial for your business as it educates you how to approach your target audience, how to interact with your clients, how to meet your clients’ needs and requirements and deliver the best service possible.  

So, what are the main important functions of Client relationship management software? They are numerous, but let’s find out and understand the most vital ones:

  • Understanding the clients’ needs
  • Nurturing the clients’ interests
  • Meeting the clients’ needs and requirements
  • Managing every step of customer demand with unique tools and innovative solutions
  • Predicting the clients’ future needs
  • Responding to your clients’ needs
  • Collecting and analyzing important data about your current and potential clients
  • Interacting with your clients across various communication channels
  • Providing business intelligence
  • Delivering the best customer support and quality service
  • Combining customer data and files into a single CRM database
  • Client database management
  • Tracking sales opportunities
  • Recording different client interactions 
  • Tracking performance and productivity
  • Automating  workflow processes

This is only a short list of all important functions and steps to achieve effective management and great results. Client relationship management is a unique and huge world that needs to be discovered and understood. This interesting and effective system is developing day by day, and the number of client relationship management software is growing so rapidly that it becomes very difficult for entrepreneurs, businessmen and organization heads to find the best software. That is because it should be a software that will fully meet their business needs, be cost-effective, tested, productive and have powerful features and competent tools to develop and grow any type of a business taking it to the next level with the aim of achieving success.
Modern Client Relationship Management systems cover not only client relationships and interactions with them, but also the automation of all business processes. We have compiled a list of several cost-effective solutions for managing your small and medium-sized businesses. The choice was based on the uniqueness and effectiveness of the systems, the number, efficiency and quality of their tools, features and customer reviews. So, this list unites the most effective CRM vendors, all you need is just to bookmark them and use.

Top 5 CRM Systems to Take Your Business to the Next Level


Bpm’online CRM

Bpm’online ( is one of the most favored and effective process-driven client relationship management software for the businesses of all sizes, if not the most popular one.
It is widely used as it concentrates not only on one field to manage interactions with your clients, but unites such important fields as marketing, sales and service. Bpm’online puts constant interaction with clients in the first place and helps to manage the whole customer life cycle.
Lead management has also become much easier and efficient with this client management system software. Other unique features are its modern and user-friendly interface, innovative approaches, knowledge and event management, system designer, synchronization and integration capabilities and collaboration tools. Marketing campaigns, out-of-the-box processes, sales automation, analytics and mobile apps make this system just an irreplaceable one. Its distinctive features are designed specifically to help you boost performance and achieve the desired result for your business success.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 ( is another perfect solution for your business success. This powerful сlient relationship management software helps you achieve your business goals by putting numerous important functions in one place. Dynamics 365 delivers a great result with the help of several apps working together – marketing, sales, field service, customer service, retail, finance and operations, as well as project service automation. It gives a chance to start from one of them and turn to others later as your business needs and requirements grow. Its aim is to help you sell more effectively and interact with your clients from all over the world without losing even a single second. This client database management software gives an opportunity to:

  • Engage clients with the help of a personalized approach.
  • Empower employees with unique tools.
  • Optimize operations by analyzing business needs and finding solutions.
  • Transform products with the help of innovative approach and automation.


Goldmine CRM

Goldmine ( is the next well-known and constructive client data management software that customers love so much. Goldmine is one of the simplest and most affordable solutions in the world. It offers various unique functions every business needs, among them are the availability of cloud based and mobile apps and integrations with
Constant contact and Quickbooks. One of the most interesting features is that this solution is
Windows 10 ready. You can enjoy its effectiveness on your tablet, smartphone or PC.


Nimble CRM

Nimble ( is a popular CRM software system focused on social sales and marketing. It offers smart features such as contacts, insights, results and so on. Nimble is famous for its being multichannel and available everywhere. The system assembles all the social data in profiles and keeps them updated.
This cloud client management software offers numerous exclusive features and productive tools for your business. Key features include contact management, deal pipeline and reporting, email tracking and analytics, marketing management, sales automation and apps for Android and iPhone.


Act ( is an affordable and easy to use client relationship management software system designed to help businesses achieve their specific business goals, grow sales, and strengthen their position in the market. It is a powerful tool to maintain the database of clients. The system is a popular tool to grow and automate your sales, keep customers’ contacts and other important details in one place and market your services and products more efficiently.
It offers such powerful features as customer management, email marketing, sales automation, technical support, video trainings, and automatic upgrades.


All the systems mentioned above are definitely effective, every single feature and tool they provide is distinctive. It is very difficult to mention one that’s the best, as each system has its unique place in the market. However, if we compare the features, tools, opportunities, reviews, experts’ opinions and so on, bpm’online takes the first place. This famous client relationship management solution is one of the true leaders in the CRM market worldwide. Industry analysts and experts are continuously mentioning the best quality of this solution, and customers’ positive reviews show the effectiveness and uniqueness of the system. This software has received several awards and was chosen as a winner in numerous competitions.
Bringing people and various processes together has never been easier; CRM solution is the key! So, if you have a unique business of your own and are looking for a solution that is an efficient system to grow your sales faster and is suitable for your specific business needs and requirements, this process-driven client relationship management software is definitely the best choice to take your business to the next level.

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