Top 5 best marketing automation software solutions for your business

Marketing Automation

In order to stay ahead of its competitors, the company should possess effective marketing tools and plans. How to deal with thousands of leads and sales? Marketing automation software is the modern standard for sales management in the vast majority of advanced organizations. Read about the best marketing automation software solutions and their peculiarities.

CRM marketing tools of bpm’online

CRM marketing tools of bpm’online

The leader of CRM lead management of 2016, bpm’online offers user-friendly software that performs numerous functions. The programs can be applied to do the following:

  • Define customers’ needs and discover the opportunities to improve service;
  • Follow a pre-defined sales process from lead generation to sales and orders;
  • Analyze new leads, engagement level and efficiency of various channels;
  • Monitor customer demographics and target marketing campaigns and processes appropriately.

Bpm’online marketing software puts a focus on constant communication with the customers: bulk email sending helps to keep in touch with all clients, while other communication means (phone, messages, and meetings in person) allow for reaching individual customers more efficiently. With analytic tools, you can customize communication strategy according to customers’ responses and behavior.

What makes users love this CRM for marketing management is an intuitive interface: there is no extra information, only relevant data. The marketing application works equally great on any device, be that a PC, smartphone, or tablet. If you need a solution with an optimal price/quality ratio, you should definitely go for bpm’online.

Online marketing automation with Oracle Eloqua

Online marketing automation with Oracle Eloqua

Oracle Eloqua is truly worth if called one of the best online marketing software, as it provides the opportunity to personalize experiences and boost sales considerably. It provides marketers with campaign management tools that allow for tracking the entire customer’s journey and getting real-time statistics and insights. How does it work? The software presents a centralized canvas where users can track and manage interactions, customer communication, leads, marketing campaigns and other mission-critical tasks, exchanging relevant data in real time. All communication channels are available (mobile, social media and web).

What makes Oracle Eloqua a powerful marketing CRM solution is integration with more than 700 applications and extensions, which allows for getting a large amount of valuable information from different sources. The highest level of scalability is guaranteed.

Discover the benefits of iContact

Discover the benefits of iContact

If you need a simple and yet affordable solution, iContact is surely worth trying. This online marketing software features all essential functions for successful marketing:

  1. Advanced email sending and creation of gripping landing pages that do catch customers’ attention.
  2. Contact storage and segmentation.
  3. Work with individual workflows and targeting of clients according to activity, geography, etc.
  4. Detailed reporting and advanced tracking.
  5. Integration with social media and real-time conversations with customers.

Why does iContact outperform many other marketing automation platforms? It aligns the most useful functions while remaining simple and comprehensible to any user.



Marketo provides efficient marketing automation tools for organizations of any size. Their solutions are created to fulfill any marketing tasks, be that lead management, email marketing, interaction with consumers, or customer database management. What makes this solution special? It helps not just attract customers, but keep them engaged. The software integrates with many different platforms and social media, so you can keep conversation going without missing a message.

With valuable customer information provided by the software, you will deliver a consistent level of service and build trust and loyalty to your organization. While maintaining conversations, you can evaluate engagement, efficiency of funnel marketing, and customer lifetime value. Change the course of action based on aims and results. With Marketo software, you can boost sales rate considerably and attract thousands of new customers.

The power of CRM and marketing automation in LeadSquared

marketing automation in LeadSquared

If you need to reduce lead leakage and boost sales velocity, LeadSqared solution will provide you with all necessary instruments for that. Use all benefits of marketing automation by creating and performing efficient marketing campaigns, building responsive landing pages and writing engaging emails within minutes. With LeadSquared, you reach maximum marketing funnel automation: the software will do repetitive tasks for you and suggest leads that always generate sales. Besides, the programs are ideal for businesses that need proper meeting scheduling. LeadSquared has the following features:

  • Drip marketing. Make assignments for the right people at the right time.
  • Web tracking of relevant information about communication, transactions and customer activity.
  • Creation of responsive and beautiful landing pages.
  • Segmentation helps to define different target audiences and achieve more effective marketing.
  • Lead scoring allows for identifying the most perspective projects and partnerships.
  • Email marketing. Generate letters that attract customers’ attention.

All in all, LeadSquared is a comprehensible and affordable platform for marketers who need smart and simple communication with customers.

The choice of marketing automation software is a serious task, and a cookie-cutter approach won’t do. You should consider many different aspects and analyze the needs of your organization. One of these Top-5 options will definitely suit your demands and fit the budget.

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