Top 3 Business Process Management Software Systems for Your Business


Your business success depends on numerous factors such as having a good and reliable team, using effective tools, organizing interesting and productive marketing campaigns, tracking your sales opportunities, delivering excellent service to your clients, being always available and so on. Each factor has its own importance and its peculiar role on the long and difficult way that leads to success. Sometimes you achieve the majority of factors, but there always remains something because of lack of time, knowledge or financial means.

Several decades ago and even later no one could imagine that one day it will become possible to achieve all of these factors with the help of just one platform or to be available to the whole world with just one click of a mouse. It’s surprising, but sometimes our even imagination has limits, innovative technologies do not! Modern BPM world is ruled by an extensive number of business process management software and the market is full of really effective tools to manage your business more easily and efficiently than ever before.

The most popular BPM systems with just a click

Our experienced staff members have done a BPM market research, examined every single platform, compared all of them and compiled a list of the most efficient and popular ones. Now you have an opportunity to get acquainted with each of them, compare and make up your mind.



12 points go to Bpm’online  Yes, again the top position due to amazing features and opportunities! Look at this

This business process management software has become the first one in any rating, as it is considered to be the best “combination” of several systems, disciplines, tools and innovations. Its single platform unites numerous systems to deliver service that has no limits. It’s a perfect solution for every kind of business, independent of its size, type and category.

With Bpm’online you have opportunity to control your overall business and always be in the center of new trends and events. Other advantages are perfect chances to market your products and services, effective customer service and the best support available, as well as the greatest chances to leverage your sales and track contacts, leads and opportunities. And that’s not all. Integration with social media makes this system a dream tool to achieve every goal and share it with the whole world.



The second position is taken by Wrike. It gives an opportunity to manage several projects at a time. Configuration of projects enables you to track your issues and tasks even if there are several other projects. Team collaboration is also an important factor for this solution and it gives every opportunity to achieve it. Customization is another important and effective feature this solution offers. You can customize projects, tasks, workflows, teams and so on and so forth. This solution is especially an ideal option for companies concentrated on trainings as it offers webinars, as well as online, live, in person trainings and seminars. What concerns the support it provides, it’s also great with such options available as live, 24/7.

Other important features and tools are business rules management, process and lifecycle management. Additional great features used to take your business to a higher level include Gantt chart, text editor, subtasks, analytics, revision history, organization of tasks, time logs, comments and much more.




Sensus BPM system is in the third top position in this category. This software system is loved and used by millions of people worldwide due to its simplicity and effectiveness. Everyone can use it and get the most and the best out of the system. It concentrates on the most efficient tools and features. Your team, business processes and workflow are managed more easily, professionally and effectively with this solution, as it provides every single tool to boost your sales and every single feature to organize your tasks perfectly. It gives opportunity to map your data, collaborate more productively, to design and model your processes, as well as to map and analyze them. Its customer service and support are also on the highest level. It gives an opportunity for a free trial, as well as suggests a free version.

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