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The purpose of sales teams is boosting sales and increasing profits. But spreadsheets, tons of inboxes and numerous but not really efficient tools only slow them down. Direct sales CRM really automates the tasks and accelerates business results.

It’s convenient that you can interact with customer data from any mobile device while you’re away from your computer. Online CRM systems allow getting full sales automation solution with a robust built-in CRM infrastructure.

Benefits of using CRM sales software:

  • tracking interactions with clients automatically;
  • displaying deals on one dashboard for total visibility;
  • sorting deals, scheduling appointments, sending responses to customers’ requests any time;
  • full sales cycle management;
  • getting real-time notifications;
  • logging calls, creating tasks, following-up reminders in real-time;
  • cloud-based technology gives access to the data anytime and anywhere.

The most productive tools for your business

  1. BPM’online is a cloud platform for comprehensive sales force automation. It works as a system for marketing, sales, and service coordination on a single platform. This sales management system is very versatile and suits most medium-sizes businesses of different types. The main principle of its functioning is in incorporating the marketing and customer service departments.


This solution provides you with:

  • option of switching between marketing, sales, and service from the dashboard without using any additional applications and tools;
  • convenient possibilities of leading discussions with colleagues without navigating away from the lead or data that you’re viewing;
  • customization of dashboards in a variety of ways with the option of hiding features you don’t currently need.
  1. ProsperWorks CRM. The tool requires no training before starting it to use. It captures sales activities automatically and allows knowing about all working processes and your team’s activities during the day. This sales management software is recommended for everyone who works with Google docs and clouds because it deals with the same tools you use every day.


This solution provides you with:

  • abilities to build a process by establishing and managing a sequence of steps;
  • quick identifying, tracking, and optimizing sales contacts and opportunities;
  • consolidating sales activities across a number of different sales groups;
  • convenient drag-and-drop functionality, easy customization and searchability.
  1. Pipeliner CRM provides the entire sales process with great transparency for the company’s staff and the owner. You can see all necessary for business data on the dashboard and lead generation, tracking, and contact management. This online sales CRM is capable to function even offline from both any gadgets.

Pipeliner CRM

This solution provides you with:

  • the highest level of visibility which greatly improves functionality;
  • possibility to be fully accessible online or offline any time including days-off;
  • full interaction between contacts, accounts, tasks and communications channels;
  • transparency of the entire story of all workflows and business processes.
  1. Sugar CRM online sales management system arranges all sales data in real-time to lead workflow processes and be open to cope with urgent business requests. It unites several parallel systems of sales and marketing automation, account management and customer relationship management. It’s suitable for any businesses including local manufactures and government organizations.

Sugar CRM

This solution provides you with:

  • fundamentally an open source application, available to any user of the product;
  • sharing sales information, managing and closing deals;
  • communicating with prospects and keeping your customers satisfied;
  • quick adaptation to your changing needs with wide range of customization options.
  1. HubSpot is a full stack of products for customer relationship, sales cycle management and marketing. It effectively eliminates manual work and actually helps sell more. You can manage all contacts and deals without overcomplicated features. It is a great solution for young companies that are still starting their business life.


This solution provides you with:

  • creating, automating, and optimizing online marketing in one place;
  • building landing pages without IT, and personalizing every experience;
  • logging activities automatically and monitoring current processes;
  • assigning and tracking deals from the detailed dashboard available for the whole team.
  1. QuickBase is a fully customizable online sales system in the cloud. You’ll have less dissipation and more collaboration. The tool automates business workflows with smart functions that trigger data updates and actions. Clear and quick sharing the information with staff and partners helps coordinate tasks and promote better team’s results.


This solution provides you with:

  • tracking leads and updating statuses in one central database;
  • developing custom solutions unique to your business;
  • controlling processes and seeing results in real time;
  • receiving precise reminders and notifications for your tasks or approaching deadlines.


Sales CRM software is able to run your sales processes on autopilot. It perfectly organizes sales data and makes interactive sales reports to the current state of all business processes. The software is highly effective for small, mid-sized and even larger businesses. In other words, sales in CRM allow doing more within the same or even less time period.

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