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With the increasing awareness and state initiatives, more and more public companies are participating in providing CRM services. Public Company CRM Providers goal is to contribute to achieving government policy objectives through consistent, high quality CRM services, and working with client agencies and government. In almost every country we can find various public company CRM Providers.

Before discussing Public Company CRM Providers in US, let’s see the common scenario. Serving the public is the basic principle behind the government in the United States. Unfortunately, when it comes to customer service many citizens feel government lags behind private enterprises. Slow lines, out-of-date resources, long waits, and overburdened representatives are all symptomatic of the current public sector service crisis.

A recent KANA study on customer service within the public sector (Public Company CRM Providers) found that more than half of all citizens polled are seeking Web-based interaction with state and federal government agencies, because of the inefficiencies of offline customer service. Online service is now commonplace across such private industries as financial services, healthcare, travel, and retail, and the public has grown accustomed to the benefits of automated customer service.

We are discussing one Public Company CRM Providers called Centrelink, which is the Commonwealth Government’s service delivery agency and is responsible, through its Executive Board of Management, to the Minister for Family and Community Services.  Funding for Centrelink comes from its Business Partnership Agreements with client agencies.

From a customer service perspective, this Public Company CRM Providers has about 6.5 million customers and pays more than 9 million entitlements each year.  With about 24,500 staff, Centrelink has more than 1000 service delivery points acrossAustralia. In business terms, Centrelink ranks in the top one hundred Australian companies.  Its recurrent budget is $2 billion and it distributes about $54 billion in social security payments.

About Centrelink

  • Created in 1997 to remove the complexity for Australians accessing government services.
  •  One-stop-shop for integrated access.
  • Delivers a wide range of services, to a wide range of people on behalf of a wide range of client departments.
  • Operates in a partially potentially contestable environment.

Delivering Services Today

callcenter worldwide

  • 1000 points of service delivery, including 26 Call Centers
  • 24,000 staff
  • 232 million payments electronically through 350 financial institutions
  • 100 million letters
  • 116,000 home visit reviews
  • 6.5 million appointments
  • 24 millions calls
  • 30 millions hits on our website
  • 4.6 million direct deductions for housing and utility payments in the last year
  • exchange data electronically with 160 organizations
  • online access to Australian Job Search through 300 touch screen kiosks

Similarly, in 22nd July 2003, Civica, one of the UK’s most experienced specialist providers of public sector software and services (Public Company CRM Providers), and Firstwave Technologies, a global provider of strategic Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, have announced an alliance and the development of Authority CRM, an adaptable, flexible and cost efficient CRM solution ideally suited for Local Authorities in the UK.

The companies have drawn on almost 20 years experience in the local government sector and the CRM industry to develop a practical and scalable Public Company CRM Providers offering that meets the immediate needs within Authorities – customer centric services based on a single view of the citizen and back-office integration. The solution is focused on the need to help authorities measure up in Comprehensive Performance Assessment (CPA), delivering improved services and cost efficiency by moving work from the back office to the front office.

Mansfield District Council in Nottinghamshire has selected Civica and Firstwave to achieve a solution that not only addresses current e-government priorities, but also lays solid foundations that will prepare it for public service requirements beyond the 2005 deadline.

David Yorke, director of resources at Mansfield, said: “Flexibility was key to the selection, in order that Mansfield can transition from ‘proof of concept’ into live operation with minimal disruption and then adapt in future years as change dictates, without the need for expensive consultancy or re-design”.

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