Process-driven CRM and its advantages for business

Process-driven CRM

Decades ago, it was enough to just possess a bit of imagination and creativity and a notebook to accurately make notes about all the deals, sales and clients. However, the world is never at a standstill. Today, there are a lot of small and medium-sized businesses as well as huge corporations, which means a constant tough competition. So, every company, small or big, needs to be really well-organized, fast and efficient to be able to compete on the market.

Such a state of affairs makes it impossible to succeed without going ahead of all and controlling every step of marketing, sales and customers service. The only thing that can enable a businessperson to reach the goal is business optimization. Nowadays, many companies use special systems to optimize and automate all the business processes. The most effective and popular are the following systems:

  • BPM
  • CRM
  • process-driven CRM

As all we know, BPM is business process management, which is intended to enable companies to learn in time everything about all the current business processes, including projects efficiency analyzing, deadlines, information about actual workload and many other things. You can also control your business, checking your enterprise`s efficiency, arranging deals and saving all the necessary documents in the BPM software.

Customer relationship management is also a business optimization system. In contrast to BPM system, and pays a great deal of attention to consumers, their preferences and needs. Such approach helps businesspersons understand what kind of goods and services clients want and which projects are the most profitable ones. This software keeps the whole correspondence with your clients and partners, analyzing their data and providing you access to all the messages, orders, contracts, consumers` preferences and other data. Consequently, CRM lets you easily produce goods that satisfy the consumers` requirements and show them in the most favorable light.

The most efficient and innovative system is process-driven CRM. This software was developed relatively recently and now gains even more users. But what is it exactly and how does it work?

What is process-driven CRM and what are its main features?

This modern software successfully combines traditional CRM system with the most useful BPM tools, which makes it much more beneficial and complete. Thus, such kind of software can offer users the best control over all the business processes.

Since it is an innovation, there are not many process-driven CRM systems. In fact, bpm’online CRM is the only known software, supporting both of these systems and containing all the necessary tools for brilliant management. Here community.bpmonline.com you can learn more and ask any questions that might be interesting for you.

Being subdivided into three huge products, the software has the same base for each of them. So, you do not have to fill in the same data several times. The system stores the information you have added once and fills the forms automatically regardless of the product you use. It also retains successful decisions and offers you out-of-the-box processes. As a result, you can choose a ready-made solution or try something new. The software has a simple interface without any necessity of coding and long searching for the necessary tools and data –  everything is at hand. Thus, it is easy to change any process you like, though you might not have any programming experience.

Customer service`s influence on the consumers` loyalty

Bpm’online suggests three important products, which optimize all the business processes. They are the following ones:

  • marketing
  • sales
  • service

In the view of process-driven CRM, the third one is the most crucial stage of the business process. Whatever a company may offer, it has to be good at dealing with clients. Nothing about the order should be forgotten and one should take proper account of the clients’ preferences. Otherwise, the company may lose its loyal clients.

Customers pay a lot of attention to the service they are being provided, sometimes even more than to the products they order. They need an individual approach and feel insulted if you do not meet their requirements. However, it is impossible to remember all your clients or immediately find all the necessary order details in your notebook, especially if you need to have a look at a previous one.

A good customer service software can resolve this problem. It provides quick access to the clients` order history, cases, contacts, social media profiles and other useful data from open sources. Having all these at hand, you can satisfy your customers’ needs without spending any additional efforts and time.

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