Features You Should Look for in Business Process Management Tools

Business Process Management Tools Features

In the vastness of business process management tools nowadays, it’s quite difficult to find what suits your business the most. Some tools are on-premise, while the others are cloud-based; some are DIY, some require consultants. So, how can you narrow down your choice when you have so many possibilities?

We will provide you with a concise and insightful guide on which features to look for when choosing the right solution.

  1. Process modeling

The most essential thing to consider when you are choosing your software is the process flow diagram. Essentially, there are four types of process modeling: no modeling tool, business-steps-based visual interface, activity-based visual interface, and data gathered through user interface forms.

  1. Drag-and-drop form designer

Business process management tools use a form to edit and capture data. When making your choice, you need to determine who will use the software. If you pick something that’s too complex, chances are your team members might not adapt to it. On the other hand, if you pick something that’s oversimplified, you will eventually grow out of it.

  1. Mobile support

The best business process management tools offer mobile support for iOS and Android, and it is an absolute must-have, since your customers might find it impractical to use apps accessible only on PC.

  1. SSO

Single sign-on is an obligatory feature, especially if you are involved in an enterprise-level business. This feature will enable your IT team to track activity by logging in with one set of credentials on different software platforms.

  1. Administrator features

Powerful administrator features will enable you to reassign tasks individually, edit forms and delete items. This is the way to edit and administer processes efficiently, without the need of a pricey consultant.

In conclusion, new business process management tools are appearing almost on a weekly basis. Before deciding on a new software system, carefully examine if it possesses all the right features you might need. If you need more help with your decision, be sure to visit bpmonline.com/bpm-software.

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