The Evolution of CRM Marketing Automation Systems

CRM Marketing Automation Systems

Even though a lot of people might not know this, CRM software solutions have been around for a while. They have changed a lot in the past 50 years and they became structured as we know them now only recently. The current stage can be called CRM marketing automation systems, but let’s see how they got there.

How CRMs looked in the beginning

During the 80s the first idea for creating personalized messages for marketing appeared. It was supposed to be in the form of mail while companies started creating big databases for marketing. With these databases filled with leads, companies started making more targeted campaigns.

The computer age

The computer age

Since the computer age started, we’ve seen a lot of improvement in CRM systems, the first one being the Sales Enablement concept. This concept allowed companies to automate lead nurturing and lead generation while saving them a lot of time, money and effort.

Soon enough, organizations considered integrating marketing and sales and, after some time, full blown CRM systems emerged where sales automation was possible. As computer technology advanced, so did the features and functions of these software solutions.

Current CRM standard

The explosion of the business market overall, where more and more startups surged, created a demand for more robust software solutions. This is how CRM solutions became one of the most important factors for revolutionizing sales. Through this stand-alone system, companies could conduct sales in a whole new way.

CRM marketing automation integration

CRM marketing automation integration

Holding data in one place while using multiple tools for different processes and departments presented many obstacles for businesses. One of the biggest issues for companies was scalability as they couldn’t scale properly to support their growth.

With CRM marketing automation integration, both sales and marketing teams would have all the information available. This has led to better lead management, allowing sales teams to close deals effectively and keep up with the demand.

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