Customers Database System: What is the field of its usage?

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Any company needs a client database, no matter whether it is a small cafe or a big company.  Loyal customers are to be considered as the valuable asset, which shouldn’t be underestimated.  Anyone who runs a business can make a simple calculation and see how much money the loyal customers brought to him or her in comparison to new clients.  Usually business owners get more than half an income from their clients who returned to them more than twice.

Making huge investments into advertising, many businessmen forget about loyal customers at hand and the necessity of stable way of communication with them.

Costs for attraction of new customers are 5-6 times bigger than the ones for retention of loyal clients, to say nothing of time and efforts that need to be spent as well.

However, in order to work productively with a regular client, you need to know who this client is and what his/her main characteristics are. For example, if you are an owner of a pet shop, you need to know what kind of pet food your loyal customers regularly buy.

To get this information client data should be collected, processed and managed or, in other words, a customer database to be built.


Which Customers Database Software one to choose?


bpm'online customer database software

One of the most appreciated CRM systems allows to create a customer profile database, i.e. each client will have a profile with all relevant information consolidated in one place. It helps analyze customer data and plan sales or advertising campaigns strategically based on target audience.

All advantages of building a customer database using profiles can be seen on the diagram below:

Bpm’online is equipped with simple and intuitive interface, making the work comfortable both on desktops and from mobile devices.

A free 30-day demo-version will give anyone a chance to get acquainted with the software in more details.


SalesForce Customer Database Software

Salesforce is a famous CRM software vendor.  It includes all necessary functions for effective business management: sales, CRM, marketing, and service provision.  Salesforce installation allows to control a full cycle of sales.  Its specialists developed specialized products stipulating specifics of various industries.

CRM products include customer database (software) based on cloud technologies, so anyone can just log in to the server and use it. Moreover, Salesforce clients can share potential customer data with each other on a mutually beneficial basis. You can assess all advantages of community cloud on Salesforce web site.

A free demo-version is available for 30 days.


BaseCRM customer database software

This software is originally from California, distributed by GetBase Company.

The popularity of BaseCRM is derived from its simplicity.  However, it is supplied with good bunch of functions, such as:

  • IP-telephony;
  • lead management;
  • marketing instruments;
  • integration tools and so on.

This software is also realized as mobile application, which is considered as one of the best in the world among mobile versions of CRM systems.

Another key advantage is BaseCRM flexibility and compatibility with other applications. Demo-version is accessible for free during 14 days.


Zoho customer database software

Another example of customer database software using online tools is Zoho CRM provided by Zoho company.  Among all the basic features it has an email-client, client activity stream on the web site and in social networks, integration with online calendars.  Zoho CRM can be applied for the campaigns targeted at building customer databases using all the available tools.

This program is equipped with Zoho Reports – application for processing any reports sourced from the databases stored in the Zoho CRM system.

The software is great for small companies as it provides a free version that can be shared up to 10 users.


bitrix24 customer database software

Another popular client database software is realized through Bitrix24 CRM system.

This program will become a robust assistant in processing routine data. All the birth dates and first names, all the details of the past transactions – all this will be saved and stored.  Besides, you will be able to:

  • calculate accounts receivable;
  • plan sales;
  • issue invoices;
  • agree contracts, cost estimates and schedules;
  • visualize statistics into snappy reports;
  • track completed transactions.

Bitrix24 software is available in both solutions – cloud and box versions.

How is it better to use a CRM system?

Modern information technologies can offer innovative and useful solutions for processing customer data.  However, choosing a good system is half the battle. Another key thing in succeeding is using it properly.

One of the most important criterion for defining on what data is to be entered into the system is its criticality. Very often questionnaires for potential clients or templates for customer’s profiles in the system include too much irrelevant information, which can potentially transform a useful tool into unhandy source of unnecessary information.

What data is critical for your enterprise or for your business? What criteria do you use to segment your clients?

Answer these questions before starting to load tons of irrelevant information into the database and that will help you to build-up an effective instrument for customer data management.

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