Models for BPM success stories: where do they come from?

BPM success stories

“A multinational software vendor deploys a complex BPM software solution to streamline project management across its divisions around the globe.”

“An online retailer increases conversion through efficient CRM-assisted marketing campaigns.”

“An investment advisor increases productivity through an improved cooperation model, which is possible by implementing BPM philosophy.”

These accounts sound fictional until the actual brand names are disclosed and the detailed business analytics are provided. Bpm’online, one of the leading vendors of process-driven CRM solutions has consolidated global experience of business process management within its BPM success stories project. It is a vast collection of professional case studies, leadership assets and business practices designed to help entrepreneurs enhance their commercial operations through state-of-art technologies.

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Implementing the BPM approach ― how to get started?

While BPM success stories vary by company size and industry, all of them evidently show that e-mail routing and Excel spreadsheets are obsolete when it comes to customer relationship management. Qualified labor force is a valuable asset and it would be grossly inefficient to waste it on routine tasks.

Being in control of your company’s processes is vital in terms of productivity and sales boosting. Another bpm’online project available at academy.bpmonline.com contains documents, video courses and training programs for those who wish to get proficient with modern methods of paperwork automation, project management and customer data processing.

How can a cloud-based CRM system reduce processing overheads and increase revenues? A particular implementation of the BPM model depends on your business specifics. However, there are certain established approaches, developed by world-recognized experts. These process models have been meticulously embodied into several variants of CRM solutions: detailed overview and a free trial are available at https://www.bpmonline.com/crm.

Consistent business process optimization

Regardless of whether you opt for an out-of-the-box solution or decide to tailor the bpm’online platform specifically to your needs, the decision will be definitely worth the trouble. BPM tools offer a wide array of evident benefits:

  • Easy access to standardized customer profiles. The platform enables its users to enrich the customer database either manually or in a semi-automatic mode: intelligent data collection technology will rapidly scan available open sources for social media profiles, phone numbers, e-mails and other contact data. The system keeps customer interaction history and tracks their needs through analyzing the behavioral patterns ― make your commercial offer exactly when a prospect is likely to accept. Needless to say that the centralized database also provides the benefits of better user interaction consistency across individual employees and departments.
  • Multichannel connectivity. Seamless integration with e-mail services, social media and phone systems turn the platform into a versatile communication center. No need to switch from application to application in order to answer an incoming request or send e-mails to mailing lists. Accessing all the major ways of business communication via a single window reduces response times and increases interaction efficacy, which is crucial for a positive customer experience.
  • Automation of business processes. All the typical operations falling into an established business process can be effectively automated: document approval, execution of assignments, cooperation on complex projects, etc. With sophisticated tools to manage, model and analyze the workflow, it’s fairly easy to tune your company to work like clockwork — no delays, no incidents, no mistakes.
  • Flawless teamwork. Large projects require close cooperation of multiple teams: departments should operate simultaneously, and not in sequence. Well-coordinated collaboration reinforced with strict adherence to the schedule is an essential element of an optimal workflow model. Apart from embedded means of interaction, advanced business process management software provides extensive customization options. Configure individual workplaces in a way, which restricts access to functions beyond a particular employee’s scope of responsibility. Dashboards and data views can be changed without altering the source code, access rights ― effortlessly administered. User-friendly localization tools eliminate barriers for cooperation within a multinational company, while activity logs let a supervisor be fully aware of what was done, where, when and by whom.

To sum up, a professional BPM system is currently the most feasible way to enhance an organization’s productivity. Extensive automation options combined with well-thought ergonomics and teamwork capabilities open up a new avenue for creating new BPM success stories instead of hearing about them from aside.

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