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BPM software

Today there are many markets and companies, which constantly compete with each other for the clients’ attention, respect and the profit. Not long ago it was enough to create something new and unique to succeed. However, market glut and constant advertising pressure on people with different requirements have made them choose goods mainly basing on their changeable needs and tastes.

As a result, business has come across the need of special strategies, including sales optimization, market monitoring, potential consumers search, lead management and many others. Therefore, business process management software has appeared and now is a real must-have for big companies, as well as for small ones. There are not that many good BPM systems and one of the most popular one is bpm’online, which you can find here: https://www.bpmonline.com. Combining many useful tools on a single platform, it simplifies and optimizes management processes thanks to its  BPM software containing the following:

  • marketing automation software
  • sales force automation
  • service provision

Especially important is the sales force automation. SFA enables businesspersons to control all the sales process stages from the moment potential customers learn about the product to placing an order. In addition, it helps companies to learn more about their clients: what they are like, what they need, what kind of goods they prefer and so on. This information can be used to decide what product to produce, what profit may be produced and how many people are interested in these goods or services.

Main features of sales force automation

Sales force automation of bpm’online sales is one of the most effective and at the same time simple systems of its kind. It has a nice and well thought-out design and shows you only data you need at the instant, which helps you to concentrate on the things you work with at the moment. The system also provides quick access to the information necessary for every task and stage of work.

When it regards to a big successful company, it is important to have a unified and well structured database. This feature enables the members of all the offices of the company to work effectively using the BPM software. The system also allows for tuning the access and assigning tasks to managers and other employees, which means that each of them can carry out only his or her tasks and see information you provided an access to. Thus, BPM provides storage security.

The most distinctive feature of the bpm’online sales is supporting both business process management and CRM. According to a popular website with softwares https://crm.financesonline.com, customer relationship management in contrast to the first one is more focused on the costumers and their needs, which analysis allows businesspersons make the right decisions and only profitable investments.

Being based on these two different systems, it can offer you advantages of both of them. On the one hand, you can easily manage the organization, learning which projects bring your organization more profit, which employees work more efficiently, what decision has been successful in this or that situation. On the other hand, you have all the necessary information about the potential consumers and loyal customers, can see all their orders, bills, messages of each of them and find more clients just in one click using social media like Twitter and Facebook, which are easily integrated with the BPM software.

BPM tools

Multifunctionality and time-saving

In the modern world, everything happens especially fast. Customers learn about some new product, buy it, get accustomed to it and then proceed with completely new desires for something different. Their preferences and needs change almost every minute. Therefore, making a huge profit often means working twenty-four hours a day seven days a week or just organizing time effectively. How can one do that? It may be quite easy if you use BPM software with sales force automation.

Using one multifunctional system, you avoid the necessity of filling the same forms repeatedly. Once saved, the information is always available and at hand notwithstanding what type of operation you run and which BPM tools you use. The software lets you enjoy out-of-the-box processes. It means that it has some pre-defined processes and following them often may simplify the task and save you much time and efforts.

Another useful function is project management. It provides you with all the necessary information about:

  • actual workload
  • resources needed
  • project progress
  • deadlines
  • costs
  • projects efficiency

You can also calculate project’s budget, time and other resources required in advance. Many companies use expensive time-management software for this purpose. However, having it as a part of a bigger, solving more tasks system is more effective and saves time as well as money.

Good way to deal with contracts and documentation

If you are a manager of a huge corporation or just a successful company, which closes many bargains per week, has a great number of loyal consumers and aims to grow, you may often face the problem of searching for a previous contract or waiting long hours for your secretary to create and print contracts. Using sales force automation and other advantages of BPM can speed up the execution of these tasks.

First of all, the system has a united contract database. So, you always have a quick access to all the contracts and related documents. You can filter, copy, delete, unite or divide them into several bills, see contract details and the history of changes.

Some BPM software systems can also configure printable forms of contracts automatically using standard templates. The system just fills it for you and everything you need to do is to edit some of them if necessary. In addition, the software may be easily integrated with MS Office, Google and other systems, which lets users add new documents to the database even if they were created in another system. So, it saves your time and helps to concentrate your efforts on more important and useful tasks.

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