The Best Software System for Effective Business Process Analysis

Business Process Analysis

Every business owner knows how difficult it is to start a business and how important it is to follow the overall process. Every single business process is important in achieving the desired success and it seems almost impossible to be aware of every process and keep track of it. But the good news is that it has become not only possible, but also easier with the help of innovative software systems that give opportunity to analyze your business processes more effectively and in time, as well as make sure whether current processes are meeting their final goals or not.

A complete guide to stages, tools and features business process analysis

Business process analysis is an important step in achieving your business goals faster and better. Having a good CRM or BPM system is of key importance in any kind of business, but implementing an efficient business process analysis is crucial. CRM and BPM market is developing day by day, new vendors are trying to enter the industry and have their own position in this “big world of business process management”, however only the most popular and strong software companies can suggest a really good business process analysis. The features and tools differ from software to software, however the core is a thorough and professional analysis that will help your business grow and reach a higher level.

The most important steps include  collecting data and making recommendations, progress analysis, evaluations of opportunities and results, calculations of closed deals, sales reps analysis, creating activities, processing data, customer database analysis, and so on, and so forth.

Business Process Analysis

Business Process Analysis undergoes certain stages of development. Here are the main ones:

  • Identification of the process
  • Collecting all information about a certain process
  • Analyzing the process

You wonder what the next step is? The result of the analysis is very important for your future plans. When the result is clearly defined, you can start developing the plan. The analysis can be used for making recommendations, defining requirements, clarify recourses, offer changes, and setting up the timeline and much more.

Now, as you have a clear understanding of this process and of all the stages it undergoes to reach the final goal, it is of course important to be sure how to implement all of this in your business. You can’t just sit at your desk and follow how every single process is analyzed by every team member, 21st century has innovative solutions to think and act for you. Business process management solutions will do all this work effectively and the whole process will be automated. There still remains a question: which solution to choose? Our experts have defined the best one after the research of an extensive number of solutions and picked up one that comprises all of the needed features and tools in a single system.



Bpm’online is an all-in-one cloud based business process analysis solution to implement in a business to manage, optimize, and analyze your business processes more effectively. To learn more check this article out.

Bpm’online business process analysis offers such key features and tools as:

  • Progress analysis
  • Visual process designer
  • Analytics of your customer database

These unique tools and features allow you to analyze the progress your team has reached, to identify the obstacles that may delay the final result of a process, as well as to evaluate the processes of meeting quotas. The program does a thorough calculation of results using data concerning your closed deals, and the ones that will be closed in the future, taking into account every opportunity and probability that this process may come across. The tools this unique system offers help you analyze your sales reps more productively than ever before and reach your goals faster, have a clear documentation of the process, identify the problems, obstacles and delays and so on.

Another important point is the analytics of your customer database and this software system solution is definitely among the best ones here also. It gives opportunity to analyze the database with the help of unique analytics tools and parameters. These tools also give chance to analyze and evaluate not only your existing, but also potential customers in a single customer database.

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