5 popular BPM software solutions to boost business efficiency

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Both small and big-size organizations have to deal with hundreds of various business processes daily. How to automate repetitive tasks? How to establish efficient communication with customers? What platform can be used to align employees’ efforts? Business process management software is the answer for all these questions.

What is BPM software? This is a product that includes numerous tools and instruments for management of business processes and interaction with clients. These five popular solutions will show you what the best programs should be like.



This out-of-the-box solution can be used by enterprises of any size, and has all necessary features for successful business process management. Key benefits of bpm’online software are open configuration, agility of deployment and simple customization. One BPM software tool serves as an integrated platform to manage three main aspects:

  1. You can manage the entire sales cycle starting from lead following and finishing by long-term partnership and after-sale support. Users can create their own sales processes templates.
  2. Analyze customer data and organize a targeted marketing campaign to attract as many potential customers as possible. Personalized emails and multi channel communication (including social media) will help to achieve the goals.
  3. Processing tickets, answering messages and maintaining a consistent level of service has never been so easy. This software will perform tasks instead of staff and deliver outstanding customer experience.

The software is compatible with many different platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, etc) and mobile-optimized, so users can access the platform anytime, anywhere. To top it all off, a smart intuitive interface is used to engage users and keep navigation fairly easy.



This advanced software for BPM has the full spectrum of features and functions for successful process management, but would be particularly useful for accounting and sales control. Check the list of its most outstanding functions:

  • Automation of payable accounts, invoice imaging and handling and work with digital documents.
  • A well-elaborated capital expenditure requisition system with real time reporting provides every detail of sales process.
  • Procurement software that helps to track and control expenses and analyze pricing. It eases both purchasing and selling.
  • A great choice of payment solutions in one place.

Note that NextProcess software meets security demands and is an SSAE-16 and HIPAA compliant provider that uses security protocols. It makes this platform perfect not only for disbursement and financial planning, but storage and transfer of sensitive corporative information.

Oracle BPM

oracle crm

Oracle Business Process Management Suite applied business-driven approach and aligns various applications to execute end-to-end business operations. The program has all necessary tools for management of service, sales and marketing tasks. A web-based instrument allows creating customized forms and repots and optimizing process design before implementation. Taking into consideration real-time information analysis users can evaluate business processes and make data-driven decisions.

Now there’s no need to use several BPM systems and platforms – integrated dashboard helps employees to collaborate with each other and monitor processes in real time. Knowledge database can be created and exploited by your team to solve issues quickly and efficiently.

With embedded design patterns, users can generate process-based applications tailored to meet organizations’ needs and demands.

IBM Business Process Manager


A leading company in IT sphere, IBM offers a subscription-based BPM software as service hosted in the cloud. This solution is highly recommended for startup projects, because it can be deployed for development, production and testing. You don’t have to build your own IT infrastructure from the scratch:  IBM software solution will provide you with an environment where you can execute all business processes. It has low start-up price, guarantees fast return on investment and can be easily scales as your demands grow together with your organization.

You can leverage built-in process accelerators and subscriptions to run operations faster, and apply skill-based routing to assign tasks to teams and individual employees correctly. Due to the fact that IBM manager is a cloud-based solution, it can be integrated with different platforms, apps and social media successfully.



Being best-of-breed solution for business process design, Navvia software would be perfect for large-scale enterprises, especially for tool implementers, consulting companies and process analysts. The platform has pre-built templates to design customized business processes and reports, easy to create flowcharts, automated document generation and online collaboration and data sharing. With such program, entrepreneurs can save money and effort considerably.

There are two stand-out features. The first is process virtualization with the help of flowcharts, mind maps and diagrams. The second is the opportunity to create various licenses (editor or viewer) with dedicated access rights. The only drawback of this software is annual subscription which is worth more than $10.000, so only huge companies can afford it.

Using business process management software your organization can reach excellence in all spheres: marketing, collaboration, sales and customer service. The above mentioned solutions have proved to be highly reliable and efficient – select and deploy without hesitation!


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