5 CRM Solutions That Will Astonish You with Their Capabilities

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Organizations use CRM software to coordinate customer accounts, manage interactions with clients and, based on the data repository, discover opportunities for repeat sales.

CRM solutions can be implemented as a standalone edition or may be a part of complex ERP systems, service management systems or marketing automation software.

Standalone CRM solutions are usually used in sales department to assist in storing customer information, tracking leads and sales interactions, automating sales processes and overviewing performance of sales teams’ activities.

To help you with the choice of a customer relationship management system, we prepared the review of 5 best CRM solutions that received a maximum number of high estimations from their users.

№1 Bpm’online

Bpm’online CRM software

Bpm’online is one of the front-runners among online CRM solutions. It delivers a powerful CRM system combining three products in a single software suite: customer service, marketing and sales management. Thus, the solution allows managing the entire lead-to-sale lifecycle within one platform. The system can be deployed on-site or as SaaS.

The software empowers managers to easily implement and streamline internal processes to improve customer relationships, strive for repeat sales and monitor sales performance.

The solution supports the most popular mobile platforms and integrates with MS Outlook and Gmail.

Bpm’online has mostly positive feedback from its users on the Internet. However, some its buyers stated that the deployment process had taken considerable time when it was necessity for customization of the system’s functionality to company-specific needs or integration with other applications running in parallel.

№2 ProsperWorks CRM

ProsperWorks CRM

ProsperWorks is a cloud-based CRM solution that allows creating the most complete customer profiles. Customer data is collected automatically from relevant web pages and emails (any files sent by email are stored in corresponding customer accounts too). The system enables sales reps to record each customer interaction to let them know whom and how many times they’ve contacted recently. Based on previous interactions with clients, including past calendar events (e.g. meetings), which were logged by the program, the system suggests new possible contacts.

The system integrates with Gmail to provide monitoring of team activities through visible tasks, as well as with many other (amounting to 300+) third-party applications.

Besides, ProsperWorks allows getting insight into opportunities through an interactive pipeline with customizable fields, filters and stages.

The solution will fit any industry and any size of business.

The weaknesses of the software mentioned by its users include weak reporting functionality and almost full absence of customization options.

№3 Less Annoying CRM

Less Annoying CRM

Less Annoying CRM is a web-based solution designed specifically for small businesses to manage customer relationships and sales. It allows consolidating customer information in a single repository and managing contacts, leads, tasks, events, notes through interactive dashboards.

The system has a simple and intuitive interface including only the tools that, based on practice, are most commonly used by small companies to align with effective sales strategies and high-quality customer service.

In spite of its simplicity, the software offers various customizable options to adapt out-of-box business processes to your industry needs.

Being hosted on Amazon’s server, the web application ensures data back-ups storage and its prompt recovery if necessary.

The cons of the software according to its users’ reviews are as follows:

  • Weak automation of repetitive tasks (e.g. inability to schedule recurring events in the calendar);
  • Not enough features for more complex organizations;
  • The lack of billing functionality;
  • Slow work of the site.

№4 Capsule


Capsule offers a web-based CRM solution for small and mid-size companies, which allows consolidating information about all interactions with customers and related to them documents, notes and files in a single place to discover sales pipeline opportunities on the base of generated reports.

The solution also provides a ticket processing system to facilitate issue resolutions with customers.

A variety of Capsule’s customization options helps adjust processes to the way your business is run.

The software suite is able to work with such popular systems as Xero, GSuite and others. Using the mobile version, you can access to your contacts, cases, opportunities, tasks and other modules.

In Capsule’s users’ opinion, the solution has the following drawbacks:

  • The lack of the full functionality typical to advanced CRM and SFA solutions;
  • Limited integration capabilities;
  • The focus on B2B companies rather than on B2C businesses;
  • Limited query and export functionalities;
  • An unintuitive user interface.

№5 Highrise


Highrise offers a CRM system with simple functionality to better concentrate on tracking contacts, deals and relevant to them data. Therefore, the solution is more suitable for small businesses.

Considering that Highrise supports API integration with several other third-party apps (such as MailChimp), there is the possibility of importing contacts from them (e.g. Gmail, MS Outlook and MS Excel).

Task management tools of the solution allow users to create tasks, filter them out and set reminders to projects. Project members can store emails and documents with their project and assign it some privacy settings if necessary.

It’s logical that most of Highrise’s users tend to the same opinion on the insufficient capabilities of the solution, indicating that the system needs more workflow automation or, at least, such vital functionality as reporting. Some users would also like to see more integration opportunities with other SaaS solutions.

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