5 Convenient and Budget-friendly Help Desk Software Solutions


Using help desk software organizations can deal with customer communications easily as never before. Thanks to numerous features and functions, omnichannel communication and interaction can be supported on 24/7 basis. The market is full of various service desk solutions, but how to choose the most suitable one? Read about five popular software options that won’t hurt your budget.


problems-and-known-errors bpmonline helpdesk

Using this service desk software you can align all communication processes in one integrated platform. There are two basic variants of program available: customer center (a set of basic functions for small organizations) and service enterprise (fully-fledged solution with a wide spectrum of features). Regardless of what you select, your organization will benefit from:

  1. Simple management of unified client database.
  2. Business process management based on real-time data analysis. Make quick and smart decisions and use every business opportunity successfully.
  3. Synchronization and instant integration of data. Your employees will be able to exchange information without delays, even if their offices are scattered around the world.
  4. Optimization of workflow. Users can see who is viewing a ticket at the moment and leave comments to solve problems collectively.
  5. With a system designer you can customize the application and create your own fields and patterns of database. Tailor the solution according to your needs!

All in all, bpm’online support desk software can be useful for organizations of different scale. Smart and intuitive interface is very easy to work with, and users don’t have to be tech savvy to navigate it freely.



This IT service desk puts focus on remote support and solving of issues. If your organization has to deal with numerous tickets and complaints, this platform can definitely automate the process and make it easier for your agents to handle requests. One desktop software solution uses 12 basic tools that can replace all other applications and programs. Highlighted options of Bomgar software include:

  • Supporting chat, CRM integration, customizable surveys and skill-based task assignment, the program boosts staff productivity.
  • You can monitor and control every aspect of workflow: activity of your team, desktop sessions, trailing of each interaction.
  • With the help of chat embedding, screen sharing supports and mobiles app employees and customers will interact quicker and more effectively.
  • Help desk administration allows defining policies and queues to optimize technical support service, and you can also create groups with their own rules and policies.

It is compatible with iOS and Android devices, and supports Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. You can access the devices remotely on and off the network without VPN.



If you want to reduce ticket response times by several times, implement HappyFox software. This is a cloud based solution, and its implementation won’t take much of your time and effort: it is possible to deploy and put workflow on the track within a few days. This help desk software is mobile ready, and you can integrate it with many other platforms and business apps.

HappyFox knowledge base starts paying off right from the moment you deploy it. Since the process of issue solving is automated, you can offload the employees and cut on personnel expenses. With pre-defined response templates customers will receive replies within a few minutes, so excellent user experience is guaranteed. This feature can also be applied for repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

It is also worth mentioning that HappyFox uses SSL encryption to ensure data security and integrity, and users love its convenient smart interface.


service desk

Despite having a simple look, Deskero has the whole gamut of features for customer support management: multi-channel communication, knowledge base, live chat, integration with social media, etc. Monitoring communication with each customer, companies can reach better efficiency and boost user experience.

Another reason to use this service desk online is the application that supports service requests, and server speed is pretty high: replies are sent to customers instantly. The interface is minimalistic, which allows users to concentrate on tasks and what really matters. Caring about customers and engaging them has never been so simple. Good news: starting package is worth $4 per agent a month, and there are different packages for organizations of any size. Deskero is a truly worthy software option that has all necessary features and doesn’t require much effort to be deployed and exploited.


SalesForce help desk.

Entrepreneurs who need smart and highly effective solutions should opt for SalesForce help desk. It is powered with Artificial Intelligence that allows personalizing customer communication and closing tickets much faster. SalesForce support desk has the following stand out features:

  1. Lightning Console in Service Cloud that presents all necessary information in one place. Users can track client history, control dashboards, etc. There’s no need to switch software, and the menu is pretty comprehensive.
  2. Live Agent is a tool that enables communication with customers via the web. You will be ready to interact 24/7 and give personalized replies.
  3. Communities allow creating forums where customers can get answers for their questions quickly. Your team has one more opportunity to keep in touch with clients.
  4. Knowledge management helps employees by providing access to FAQ and articles, and lets them use collective wisdom to solve problems.

Select one of these help desk software solutions, and your company will thrive having well-established relationships with customers.

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