5 business process software tools to auto-pilot your company operations

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As a company owner, have you ever wondered how much effort is wasted on performing primitive tasks fit for a robot? If so, you are not alone. The rising concern for productivity gave birth to business process management approach later implemented in software solutions.

Business process management systems offer such tangible benefits as:

  • 30-50% cost savings through automated routine workflow, reporting and analytics;
  • Business agility: with centralized task management your company is able to react to ever-changing business trends faster;
  • More transparent operations which enable better compliance with rules and regulations;
  • Improved customer satisfaction levels due to seamless collaboration with clientele;
  • Staff satisfaction: automated procedures mean less day-to-day routine and more “smart” tasks at hand. Employees feel satisfaction from their job well done and their disappointment with “wasted” time is minimized;
  • Better accuracy due to adhering to established business practices and fewer mistakes from human factors like stress and fatigue.

The following review touches upon several popular business process management platforms which, when fully implemented, boost the overall efficiency of your employees, allowing the entire enterprise to run like a well-oiled mechanism.

BPM’online ― a BPM software with CRM capabilities


One of the most powerful professional CRM ranges on the market, Bpm’online is focused around business process management approach to workflow automation. This cloud-based platform includes numerous out-of-the-box procedures for immediate implementation, while extensive knowledge base with dedicated tutorials makes designing your own processes a breeze. Flexible and intuitive visual editor allows to model processes of any complexity to automate the routine operations in sales, marketing, customer service, flow of documentation and other fields. BPM’online team has apparently put much work into usability and design ― creating processes in their editor is not just easy, it’s nothing short of enjoyable.

Apart from the editor, this BPM software serves as a flexible task manager able to integrate with all popular services to prioritize, delegate and supervise the workflow. And highly customizable notifications will spare your employees the trouble of tracking urgent activities. Included communication system facilitates both in-company collaboration and outbound contacts without having to use extra applications.

Unlike other similar business process software tools, Bpm’online also includes a full-fledged CRM platform. It means that a single centralized solution can be deployed instead of multiple specialized systems. Not only it negates potential compatibility issues, but also allows for instantaneous data exchange and implementation. Needless to say, all the products of the family feature 100% compatibility, while many third-party integrations are available if you use something else.

CWA SmartProcess ― simplicity and power

CWA SmartProcess

Dedicated solely to business process management and workflow automation, CWA SmartProcess is widely considered one of the most powerful business process management systems. Perhaps not as multifunctional as other similar products, CWA SmartProcess is designed for BPM and has every tool to cope with it. The core features include process mapping, modelling and workflow management, while optional modules expand the functional in terms of analytics, task management and audit.

CWA SmartProcess is praised for its workflow management capabilities. Configurable approval procedures, publication and version comparison considerably speed up documentation processing. In-built collaboration tools facilitate interaction throughout the company’s hierarchy and an easy-to-use description generator allows to create unambiguous process descriptions complemented with flow-charts and images for better understanding. CWA BPM software also improves overall workflow transparency through company charts with clearly defined responsibilities.

Nintex Workflow Platform ― to automate the operations

Nintex Workflow Platform

A highly specialized business process management software solution, Nintex is a rarely disputed leader in workflow automation. It doesn’t feature any excessive capabilities and is extremely focused on Microsoft users, but this platform performs what it is intended for in the most efficient way.

The mission of Nintex is to convert time-consuming paperwork tasks into a simplistic sequence of several clicks, so that office workers can do more. To design your own automation procedures, you don’t require coding skills ― the platform’s interface is intuitive and visual.

The platform processes structured and unstructured data arriving from different sources and is claimed to interact smoothly with almost any third-party solution your company has. Getting started is quite easy, although discovering all the capabilities of Nintex may require extra research ― the developers don’t offer a comprehensive manual describing all the functions but rather a plethora of separate documents.

IBM Business Process Manager on Cloud ― a professional BPM environment

IBM Business Process Manager

Developed by the leading IT corporation, IBM BPM is an all-encompassing business process software environment. Process modelling, execution, supervision ― the full cycle is readily accessible via a cloud, so there’s no need to deploy additional IT infrastructure.

IBM BPM strives to optimize such vital operations as decision-making, approval and task management by fostering collaboration throughout the entire company. With added transparency and accessibility, the platform is ready to provide key data to the right people at exactly right time. Its subscription-based rating policy allows to start projects small and scale up to the enterprise-level performance gradually, although top-notch features may be a bit costly.

While other BPM software solutions are able to provide similar features, IBM BPM’s advantage is an enormous corps of documentation, available at the IBM Knowledge Center. More than that, the platform’s global community is ready to lend a hand should any problems occur.

Navvia Process Designer ― a precise BPM instrument

Navvia Process Designer

Navvia opens new opportunities for implementing ready-made business processes and designing them from scratch. A dedicated business process management software, Navvia offers features optimized for BPM analysts, ITSM practitioners, IT executives or IT GRC professionals, which combine ease of use with top-rate performance.

The drag-and-drop interface makes initial training fast, and a powerful data capture model allows to saturate processes with metrics, descriptions, policies, etc. Company-wise, it is possible to segregate workflow by creating private environments for divisions/teams with flexible permissions.

Navvia is especially proud of its process assessment capabilities ― 100 complementary ITSM questionnaires can be readily utilized to build assessment processes involving surveys and automatically generated maturity reports. Obviously, it is a great instrument to identify flaws in the current layout and take timely measures to fix them.

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